How To Learn Social Dancing

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We all like to dance like nobody is watching! But when we do hit the dance floor it’s quite hard not to be intimidated by the pairs of eyes that follow all our moves. Not everyone can easily move to rhythm and some of us are more apprehensive than the others. This article gives tips and suggestions to those who like to feel free during social gatherings with music. 

Enrol in a dance class

If you research on the internet you will find plenty of classes being offered by professionals. Find an establishment one that is located closer to your home and start taking a few classes. It will be a great way to make new friends too. Very soon, this delightful activity will become a hobby that you love!You can choose to go for classes held in established best dance schools or opt to have your lessons at home, if you manage to find a professional who does house visits. Of course, individual lessons will be rather costly.

Learn from Online Videos

The internet provides a great way to learn new things for free so by all means, use this method. There are plenty of videos on the internet that will show you how to do simple steps. You can learn a few easy moves and practice in front of the mirror. With no one to watch, you will be free to make mistakes too! Keep in mind that choosing simple steps is best when you are learning by yourself. Avoid attempting to do complicated moves and artistic dance forms like ballet, which require years and years of professional training.

Find a Partner

This is an activity is best enjoyed when it’s done with a partner so find someone who shares your passion. If your significant other is interested in pursuing this new hobby of yours, you can start by learning how to do a ballroom dance try this ballroom dance lessons in Melbourne. You can move on to Cha Cha, Rumba, Quickstep and Jive as you progress together. While you are at is, learn how to do a few casual club dance steps too. It’s is a wonderful way to bond and you will certainly enjoy the flavour that this new activity will add to your relationship.

Keep Practicing

Now that you have mastered the art, take your lessons to the club and get moving! Don’t let your fear of being seen and criticized keep you from enjoying what you love doing. It’s about having fun after all, so don’t worry about getting all your steps right. Your lessons will give you the confidence you need to move freely. So just let yourself go and have fun!